Random Acts of Romance

Love at first site

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Random Acts of Romance is a feature comedy about intense characters in extreme relationship situations — and the crazy and obsessive behaviors that spring from this thing called love. The story is paced like an emotional roller coaster, punctuated by moments of uncomfortably illuminating hilarity as characters confront situations we all identify with. David and Holly are rich newlyweds who should be in love. When Holly accidentally runs over Bud, a pot-smoking lesbian, who questions the couple's passion for each other, she realized that perhaps her marriage isn't working. Meet Matt and Dianne, the couple who met in college. Dianne was Matt's teacher but it's not going well now. After a stoned conversation with his best friend Bud, Matt goes all out to win back his wife but she's more interested in Richard, the heartless, attractive millionaire who lives next door to Bud. Richard catches the eye of David's secretary, Lynne, a timid girl who likes to stalk. Yes, Random Acts of Romance will take the audience on a sexual joy ride.
Love at first site
1 h 27 min
Katrin Bowen
Katrin Bowen, Kevin McComiskie, Jillian Mannion
Amanda Tapping, Katharine Isabelle, Lisa Chandler, Laura Bertram, Sonja Bennett, Zak Santiago, Ted Whittall
Bowen Arrow Productions, Purple Productions
Katrin Bowen, Darren Reiter
Director of Photography
Brendan Uegama
Original Music Composer
Step Carruthers