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A woman named Meredith and her husband and son prepare for a backyard garden party, which they are throwing to celebrate their daughter’s homecoming. During the preparations, a man arrives begging to speak to Meredith. He confesses to sexually assaulting Meredith decades ago when they were both in college and insists the only way they can both move on is if she inflicts violence on him then and there. Meredith refuses, and each member of her family grapples with the confession, and their own individual relationships with violence. Meredith is destabilized by the man’s confession, yet her family is too caught up in wanting to hurt the man to listen to her needs. She is pushed to the brink when she is expected to take on domestic duties and host the party in her traumatic state, while the man is imprisoned in their home. As the evening progresses, each member of the family inflicts violence on the man - except for Meredith. When Meredith finally explains her desires to her husband, it becomes clear that his feelings of emasculation are preventing him from focusing on her healing. When the daughter finally arrives for her party, it is revealed that she was away serving in the military, and as Meredith disrupts the party and abruptly leaves, walking into the wilderness behind the house, the father and his daughter bond as she teaches him how to torture.
Michele Kaye
Michele Kaye
Director of Photography
Original Music Composer