Over Your Dead Body

Movie Details

When the CEO of a large company dies, his sister is left with the task of naming his successor. She gathers together all of the most qualified employees for a weekend wherein all will be tested, but only one of them will walk away appointed as the new CEO. But what the corporate hopefuls don’t know is that each of them is also a suspect in what the CEO’s sister believes was his murder. They’ll have to prove not only their worthiness of the job, but their innocence of the alleged crime. As the weekend progresses the body count will continue to grow when the CEO’s sister is also found dead and the rest are left to wonder which of them is the murderer, which will become their victims and will any of them survive long enough to get the job? Just like the characters in This is How it Ends our characters are woefully ill-equipped with being in this kind of story. None of them are detectives, though all of them will take a shot at it, and none of them are particularly savvy killers, or even victims for that matter. Like the Knives Out series our story gives the audience a fun mystery to figure out alongside our eccentric characters. And finally, like The Purge our project gives the audience a great moral question to ponder with some fun scares and blood to wash it all down.
Jeremy Lalonde
Jeremy Lalonde
Avi Federgreen, Emily Foster
Director of Photography
Original Music Composer