Federgreen grows producing, acquisitions talent across banners

Producers Emily Foster and Lauren Thomas have joined Federgreen Entertainment, while Christian Burgess will head acquisitions at Red Water Entertainment. Read more:

Kiss & Cry

KISS & CRY is currently available on Netflix World, Family Channel Canada, iTunes North America, and on DVD in the US.

Financing your film the non-conventional way!

Many of you have heard me speak on a number of occasions about the fact that we need to think about how we are making films. The days of getting access to lots of government funding to assist us in financing our films are gone, the number of funders that we can access is at an all time low and the amount of money they have to support our films is diminishing. So what’s the answer to all of these challenges?

Development of Canadian Feature Films Nowadays

Producer Avi Federgreen talks about the development of a Canadian feature film in today’s Canadian film industry at a symposium on feature film development in this year’s Worldwide Short Film Festival.